Loving Memory Holds Sway

Recently my family gathered together in Christchurch to inter our dear Dad’s ashes alongside our dear Mother whom we interred in September last year at the time of Dad’s 90th birthday, just 10 days before he passed away.

A quiet morning
Quiet in the morning
As we pause to pray
Loving memory holds sway
Fresh roses and daisies
Lovingly picked and laid
Fragrant with memory
Of giving from gardens and hearts
In some past day.

We give thanks for our dear father
As we lay him to rest
With our mother
Already lying in peace
Her presence fresh
As we gently sprinkle the earth
The wind rustles our hearts and hair
We pray, quietly remember and share
Gratitude, love and tears
Our hearts are open and vulnerable here.

A psalm is shared
A prayer is prayed
We give thanks for love
That goes beyond the grave
Poured out for us
And while in form but dust
Their love and legacy
Lives in us still
Rich in memory and guiding will
Encourage us at the break of day
As we wonder
Would they have done it this way?