Flourish – together in life’s sacred moments

The death of a loved one can be a precious, painful and overwhelming time intermingled with the desire to honour your loved one with a special ceremony of farewell.
It is my privilege and joy to meet together with you and your family to create a ceremony that will tell your loved one’s story well and mark this moment as sacred and memorable for you all.


A funeral is a family milestone. I look forward to working with you to create a special ceremony for your family that will honour and capture the life of your loved one and their legacy, sowing seeds of hope that will help your family flourish for generations to come.


First and foremost this is your ceremony. My key role is to help you create a ceremony you would like and want. Using my, creativity, skill and understanding of ceremony, I will work, together with you and your family / group to achieve this.


I will always approach you and your family with the dignity, reverence and respect that marks this sacred moment for you and your family. The views of both you and your loved one about life, spirituality and faith are important and I will work with you to honour your beliefs.


It is a great honour and privilege to take up the role of celebrant and to be present with you, your family, friends and community and ‘hold’ the moment as you grieve and farewell your loved one, creating a place of trust and safety for you to do this.

A Positive, Inclusive Presence

An extraordinary listener, tempered with encouragement and measured advice; a creative spirit, happily suggesting and accepting new and innovative ideas: a calm inclusive presence, with an intelligent nuance for understanding a wide variety of people; a fun loving personality, with the ability to find positivity and love while acknowledging challenges and difficult times.

– Deb and Greg Cook, Auckland

Resourceful and Creative

Grounded by her faith she connects easily with all in a natural and unassuming manner. She is resourceful, creative and a facilitator. While a long term family friend I have no hesitation in recommending Jennie for her new calling.

– John Schnackenberg, Katikati

Practical and Efficient

Recently, Jennie helped plan with me and the family the funeral service for her late mother. Her manner was caring and consultative, along with practical efficiency... A pleasure to work with.

– Revd Graham Button

Welcoming and Caring

I have known Jennie Milne for nearly twenty years, and never fail to wonder at her particular gifts. She carries of sense of ‘presence’ that makes you know you are welcomed – an empathy, a listening, a caring, a desire to walk with you through the deepest experiences of life. 

– Margaret Tooley

Experienced Mentor

Jennie not only has the characteristics vital for this role but her 20 years of experience working as mentor and guide make her our first choice when choosing a celebrant.

– Deb and Greg Cook, Auckland

Empathetic Listener

I have had the pleasure of knowing Jennie for over 40 years. Jennie has a quiet presence, a wonderful ability to listen, to empathise and to show the utmost compassion and kindness.

– John Schnackenberg, Katikati

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