Jennie Milne

Hi, I’m Jennie

I am married to the gorgeous Scottie and have three adult children, one lovely daughter-in-law and a simply beautiful granddaughter whom I love to spend time with. I hold an NZ Certificate in Celebrant Studies and am a member of CANZ – the New Zealand Celebrants Association. I simply love to write and to mark significant and sacred moments with meaning, hope and creativity.

This has been outworked in both my professional and family life over the past 40 years – be it as an Occupational Therapist specialising in mental health; a mother of small children volunteering in her community; advocating for families through our Charitable Trust, Campaign for our Children; encouraging and training parents through the How to Drug Proof Your Kids programme I established here in NZ or through leading a Family Ministry in a large Auckland Church.

My husband Scottie and I love ‘doing hospitality’ in any shape or form – we both love cooking and I love the creative aspect of serving and presenting food. The fun, conversations and deepening friendships that come out of these times draw us on to the next occasion! We also family time at the beach, travelling together and I have a deep love for gardening and native birds and love the creativity of card making and banner making for our family and friends.

The threads of family, friends and community have run strongly through all of my life and it has been a great honour and privilege to journey with loved ones through seasons of intense pain and grief as well as creatively celebrating significant and joyful anniversaries and rites of passage.

In the last two years both my parents have passed away bringing a further depth of understanding of love and loss. It was a real privilege to take my dear Father’s funeral and to lead the ceremonies when we interred their ashes.

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I consider knowing Jennie Milne for over 30 years one of the special things that has happened in my life. Jennie operates her life from a standpoint of compassion and love not only for her friends and family but for her fellow man. An extraordinary listener, tempered with encouragement and measured advice; a creative spirit, happily suggesting and accepting new and innovative ideas: a calm inclusive presence, with an intelligent nuance for understanding a wide variety of people; a fun loving personality, with the ability to find positivity and love while acknowledging challenges and difficult times.
— Deb and Greg Cook, Auckland