Dawn of 2020

It’s with a deep sense of gratitude that I turn my face towards this year and a new decade.

Gratitude that God is here and present.

Gratitude for a year gone by woven with sacred moments.

Moments of celebration anointed with hours of planning and sparkling with the evidence of that.

Gratitude for spontaneous celebrations and moments of beauty in the outdoors, saved with the pause as they take your breath away.

Gratitude for the deep, emotional, quiet, spirit filled moments as I journeyed towards my father’s death with him.

Moments of closeness, stillness, gratitude.

The forever memory of the joy, the light, the eternal peace, that deep eternal peace that entered my body and soul as my dear father journeyed from this world to the next.

The tears of remembrance and gratitude as we farewelled him with deep love.

Gratitude for the threads of his love and his life that we take forward and weave into our own.

The bright blackbird on my lawn in the morning, reminding me of him and his exquisite care of lawns, gardens and nature.

I am grateful. Forever grateful.